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Prof. Bernd Heins

Prof. Bernd Heins

Director INEP, the Institute for Sustainable Energy Management, Politics, Risk and Social Innovations

Iris Tuttlies

Iris Tuttlies

President of the Advisory Committee, Project „uetze – energie & zukunft“

Dr. Horst Rakel

Research Director

Dr. Fritz Erich Anhelm

Senior Advicer

Dr. Herbert Klemisch

Senior Advicer

Carsten Klöpper

Carsten Klöpper

Sustainable Energy Mangament, Politics, Risk and Social Innovations, interface to the University of Oldenburg

Christian Behrens

PR and research assistance

About us

The INEP institute is a consulting institution which together with all kind of clients strives towards increasing quality of life for all humans on this earth. Our engagement goes beyond optimizing water quality, climate protection, sustainable economic development despite decreasing resources worldwide or increasing the quality of life of the poorest of the poor in underdeveloped countries.

We offer competent advice about the risk evaluation of: climate change, environmental degradation and health issues. Thus, we sensitize economists, politicians and people to systematic risks and support them in dealing with fragmentary or deficient knowledge.

We, as a non-profit organization, define our commitment as an interface between scientific research and consultation; linking with strategic partners and organizations who share our values and visions. By using our creativity we aim to assist society through the necessary changes which are the basics of a sustainable lifestyle.

If you feel prepared to break new ground, we will be delighted to assist you with our professional and competent know-how.

We will be your pathfinders, steadily guiding you towards your desired future!

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