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Communicating Sustainability

INEP management talking with Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, the prizewinner of the German Environmental Award 2008, on the subject "energy in collective agreements"

Dr. Elisa Innerhofer, Iris Tuttlies, Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

Civic participation acitivities started

By participating at our foto competition „KlimaGäuer – Your angle is our mission”, involved Isny citizens show their perspective on climate change in their region. The task is to illustrate their fears and wishes on the topic of climate change in four photos.

The project “bring back memories” is particularly directed towards elders, with the appeal to hand in old memories and stories about the region and how it changed over time.

Further civic participation activities such as "Great Climate in School” and „Future Prospects Isny“ are particularly directed towards schools and kindergartens. The INEP follows an intergenerative approach. 

Energy Transition Coalition

The fair trade provided an appropriate surrounding for starting dialogues with different players coming from a diverse background such as politics, science or business. Thus, new contacts and alliances could be made and obtained impulses for new ideas will be partially implemented into the climate change concept for the city of Isny.

Sustainability can be explained in different ways, can be shown with the help of statistics or practical examples. But an efficient sustainable communication is not only supporting the understanding of the topic, but also helps individually to take the first step towards a sustainable life style. An appropriate communication brings the human to a new point of view and inspires to take actions.

The INEP institute aims at reaching the people and support them for an active participation to take the initiative. There re no patents or rules for the communication of sustainability. In this interdisciplinary topic is not enough to reveal tips and tricks for more sustainability. But it is mandatory to give people an understanding of their aspiration and need to change.


INEP is tackling those challenges in several different ways, always with the goal of an enduring change of perspectives.


SCU Globileo Springe starts with workshop on Sustainability

A workshop on the issues of sustainability, quality of life and transformation marked the beginning of activities of the Globileo SCU Springe. During the two-day workshop, around 30 participants discussed progresses and obstacles which were experienced during the last four decades on the way to a social and ecological sustainable change.




Creating an energy transformation alliance – results of the conference on “Energy transformation and Working Life”

From March 13 to 14, 2012 the INEP Institute Oldenburg, in cooperation with the HVHS Springe and the Hans-Böckler-Foundation, invited numerous representatives from labor unions, church institutions, and trade associations but also members from non-governmental organizations, clubs and students to the Centre for Education, Training and Conferences at Springe, Germany, in order to discuss the energy transformation, linking challenges for the labor market but also chances for and innovation potential of organized labor groups.



The vast majority (2/3) of the citizens of Isny considers the public dialogue on the topic of climate change as crucial

…this statement is based on a survey carried out during the trade fair “Insy makes future”(Isny macht Zukunft) (09th till 11th of March 2012) by the INEP Institute and displays the local public opinion.
The INEP Institute is in charge of the implementation of a Climate Protection Concept for the city of Isny in the region of the alpine upland. The thematic priority is on strategy development for communities to adapt on consequences arising from climate change. The project is part of the Climate Initiative of the German Government under the aegis of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).
Most attention has been engaged by an opinion poll, which offered trade fair visitors the opportunity to give their opinion and impression on the state and consequences of climate change in their region.

The survey is still running but preliminary results already can be shown