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Self conception


Networks have a very significant value for us. Transdisciplinary socio-ecological research needs a wide spectrum of disciplinary knowledge. These demands are changing from project to project. Only via cooperation with oder research facilities it is possible to use and to strengthen the innovation potentials of socio-ecological research. Here, the cooperation within the scope of research cooperations has a particular importance. INEP is stimulating these external networks – and at the same time actively taking up impulses from external networks. Thus, a high research quality can be reached and maintained - also beyound disciplinary boundaries.


The social and economic developments of the last decades are reaching their limits, except for a part of humankind from a social, cultural, political and economical elite. The gap between the poor and the rich constantly increases – without an end in sight.
In our work we focus on the social dimension. Through the development and implementation of products and services, INEP wants to set quality standards linking technical innovations with individual, social, traditional and cultural conditions of the regions where we work at.
The development of the image of humanity is essential, guaranteeing the dialogue between all regions of the world. We do not believe in the one and only ideal human but rather focus on an anthropogenic understanding, focussing on humankind and its cultural, ideological, religious and political backgrounds, its needs and its beliefs.
That requires a dialogue based on the human rights as ascertained by UN which needs to be coined by a tolerant, cooperative and learning tone. In order to achieve that, INEP aims towards the idea of human development as stated by the United Nations. Thus, human development is a process being characterized by chances of life and development, resulting in improving opportunities for education, gender justice and decreasing material poverty. This requires the equal allocation of political, economical, social and cultural aspects based on respect towards each other.
Generating opportunities for the individual development requires the respect of each human being and its habit of adopting its surrounding environment as his or herown. Thereby it is modifying its environment, influencing everybody’s development and chances of development. The result is a process where the inner and outer environment of humans will be adopted and changed – by humans.
In this spirit is human development an open and dynamic process of life-evolvement including individual and social requirements. If this human development is aiming at an increase of human prosperity, it sustainable development is required.
Hence, INEP is realigning the idea of man - not towards deficiencies but rather orientating itself around the availability of resources. We focus on the social development and change in terms of upgrading individual life situations. In our various projects we feel obliged to the humans being caught in individual and/or social conflicts and respect their surroundings and circumstances.
The appreciation of each individual’s right, respect towards each other and the willingness to listen to other people are the keys of a social dialogue.


Therefore sustainability, social-ecological dialogue and social innovations are basic elements of INEP’s engagement.

Integration of existing socio-cultural and religious conditions INEP interprets social innovations, ideas and measures to overcome social challenges. Similar to products and methods which are acknowledged as innovations as soon as they are marketable, social innovations are also evaluated by their target market. Social innovations imply a well-planned, target-oriented rearrangement of services, rules of cohabitation and development of networks. They prove to be methods which are more effective than previous concepts and therefore substitute them. Transforming an idea into a social innovation can help overcome tangible challenges and satisfy social demands. INEP is also considering the United Nations labour rights when developing and implementing social innovations.


INEPs main goals are to:

We aim to guarantee best quality standards for our ecological, social and economical engagement. We count on connecting applicable talents, skills, experience and knowledge as well as the treasure of resources and power of different cultures and regions.

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