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Risk and Change Management

It is our goal to support risk assessment on different decision making levels and so contribute to a more responsible and successful actions. We will merge different risk assessment under the project “Human factor” and convert into projects of research, transformation and education.

Globileo - Evaluation system for sustainability

Globileo is a complete new, global and sustainable environment program, which is dealing with solutions to the consequences of climate change.

Technical progress and globalization lead to snowballing social-technical systems, whereby there technical security is decreasingly ensured. Thus is the human moving into the centre of secure actions within complex situations. In this process one can differentiate in two different directions. First of all is the human a risk factor. Though he can be defined as a source of errors, in which well-intentioned actions result as one link in a chain of unfortunate circumstances. An explanation that goes further sees the human as a resource for safety. As this the individual is seen as a part of a complex organisation and culture, in which the human becomes the role of a resource for safety.


Generalizing this current technical-oriented approach a new sphere of activity is evolving as Risk and Change Management, based on a holistic idea of man and considering the activists as individuals, team players, employees and responsible members of society.
Thus an anthropozentric Risk and Change Management is based especially, besides the experiences and knowledge of employment specific normative Risk assessments, on psychological-cognitive and social-cultural risk competences.
We have formed a team with experience on different human factor aspects on individual, social and organisational levels to meet those demands.
Additionally a high ranked advisory board was established, consulting us and depending on the tasks also cooperating with us.


For the economy and the administration

Human Factor and its sphere of competences feels obligated to the approach of a sustainable development. The conversion of this holistic approach to maximize intra- and intergenerational living conditions is tightly associated with a high number of challenges in the economy and the administration. The holistic management will face that specific decisions and actions might lead in this complex world to divergence and new opportunities. To deal with the resulting threats and development potentials on individual, organisational and social level is the centre of our Risk and Change Management approach. We see our transfer task in realizing research findings and political developments from Human Factor’s Risk and Disaster Management in cooperation with the economy and the administration. We see ourselves as an informatory, consulting and supporting service entity.



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