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Sustainable Energy Management

INEP’s field of activity in climate and energy economies is lead by Prof. Dr. Bernd Heins and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ströbele (Professor of macroeconomic theories at the University of Münster).


This field aims towards technical and economical evaluation and consultation of affected on-site companies as well as the evaluation of measurements to reduce the emission carbon dioxide as part of Joint Implementations and Clean Development Mechanisms.


Raising the acceptance of saving electricity and sustainable mobility.

Research program aiming to increase the acceptance of energy saving feedback systems as part of the national climate initiative by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

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Oldenburg’s Dialogue on Energy Policy

(“Oldenburger Energiegespräche”, OEG)

The Dialogue on Energy Policy is a traditional event which each year invites different top-class experts. Because of the support of sponsors, this event can be offered at different venues every year and is becoming a local highlight in politics. Critical lectures by the experts are the base for an interesting panel discussion, filled with current energy political topics.


OEG 2011

Also this year the Oldenburg Talks on Energy Policy, organized by INEP Institute and EWE AG, took place in the nice ambience of the EWE Forum Alte Fleiwa in Oldenburg. The event was moderated by Joachim Mahrholdt, member of the ZDF editorial staff on environment (German public television).

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OEG 2010

INEP and the EWE AG hosted this year’s Dialogue on Energy Policy in the 1st of September in the EWE Forum Alte Fleiwa in Oldenburg. The main topic was “Paths of transformation towards an ecological modification of the industrialized society”. The well-known guest speakers have a background in economy, science and politics and reported on interesting aspects of issues concerning the necessary ecological transformation of our society.


OEG 2009
This year’s Dialogue on Energy Policy was hosted on the exhibition in Hannover. On the 22nd of April, several experts gathered with the purpose of discussing the topic of “With the help of energy against the crisis: Ways out of global and homemade risks”.

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